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Our growth since 1993 has been owner and self funded and has resulted in Umtiza growing its business operations and network through own resources. This process has been fairly slow due to cash-flow constraints – however the ultimate results will be in the best interests of the region’s farmers and people.

As an act of empowerment Umtiza was converted from a CC into a public company in order to offer Umtiza Farmers’ Corp shares to all farmers and our supporters. The initial uptake has been encouraging, with more than 3180 farmers having acquired shares (membership). We are of the opinion that soon the floodgates will open with many thousands of our farmers and supporters taking up the share offer.


The target is to have a minimum of 51% of Umtiza owned by local farmers.

In April 2004 a substantial percentage of Umtiza shares were acquired by a former regional Director of Agriculture, Mr LD Fadana. He has also joined the Business as an active Director.


The Minister of Agriculture, Thoko Didiza, issued the draft agricultural empowerment charter. Umtiza are proud to state that we will soon meet the criteria of the charter (35%) – currently Umtiza is 33% PDI owned.

Enabling our farmers and supporters to become equity participants in Umtiza will see the growth of Umtiza flowing to them – both in terms of financial benefits and exposure to the skills required to run their own business operations. Umtiza’s growth will be the stakeholders’ growth.